Shopping centres in the UK pull in millions of visitors yearly, some attract millions of visitors a week! For this reason keeping shopping centre visitors safe is crucial. Terrorist attacks in the UK are sadly becoming more prevalent and crowded places like shopping centres are likely places to feature in the attack plans of terrorist organisations to maximise fatalities and casualties. It is important to

remember that terrorism is a crime, so many of the security precautions that should normally be used to deter criminals will be effective in deterring terrorists. Making sure you have a good security regime is vital.

Making sure retail locations and shopping centres have the most up to date security systems could potentially save lives not just valuables.

Thorne Access and Security Ltd installs and maintains retail security systems, designing bespoke security systems across to end users in many different sectors: from the leisure industry, hospitality industry, stadiums, educational organisations, retail industry, commercial properties as well as residential properties. Lancashire based Thorne Access and Security offers a full range of security services across all sectors including retail security.

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