Stadiums bring large numbers of spectators, whether it be football, a concert or another type of event. Safety and security is the most important component of any event. Successful security is achieved with a good balance of good preparation, good management and well-designed infrastructure. Common issues in large stadia include overcrowding, drunken behaviour, violence, public safety, participants safety and terrorism

Sporting and event organisations such as FIFA provide guidelines on newly built stadiums and stadium refurbishments. Stadiums constantly hosting large scale events present major challenges for event organisers, who bear the full responsibility of their guests at all time. When Burnley Football Club was promoted into the Premier League, it needed to improve its stadium to meet the increased security criteria. Due to the limited time frame they had during the summer break from the season, Burnley FC was left with a short time to make security improvements. Thorne had been working with Burnley FC for quite some time, so naturally they turned to them to make the necessary upgrades. To read the full case study of the installation Thorne made at Burnley Football Club click here.

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