The majority of the intruder alarm systems we install in Manchester, West Yorkshire, Lancashire and beyond are monitored to provide key holder & police response.

We use third party fully accredited alarm receiving centres for our Monitored Alarm Systems. The Alarm Receiving Centre will notify key holders and police in the event of an incident occurring and notify Thorne Access & Security in the event of a fault condition.

Monitored CCTV Systems – 24/7.

We can currently monitor Intruder Alarm Systems & External Alarm Systems integrated into the CCTV system to provide visual verification. Our Alarm Receiving Centres also monitor third party Fire Alarm systems.

All of our Intruder Only Alarm Systems are monitored by Northern Monitoring Ltd.

Northern Monitoring use MASterMind, the world’s most sophisticated alarm handling software, which integrates with all recognised signalling technology and has the added advantage of enabling engineers and end users to place systems on test, through an operator, VRT (Voice Response Terminal), MASweb (using a computer) or MASweb Mobile (using a smartphone).

Both ARC’s are BS4737/PD6662/BS8243, BS5979: Cat II, NSI ARC Gold accredited and offer each other a hot redundant stand-by. This helps eliminate day-to-day congestion, and would allow either ARC to take over without interruption to service in the event of a disaster.