British Public Urged To Increase Home Security

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British Public Urged To Increase Home Security

Despite the numerous reports of home burglaries and an estimated £4.5 billion in stolen valuables taken each year from homes in the UK, reports indicate that British homeowners are ‘too trusting’ when it comes to home security. A report released to celebrate ‘National Home Security Month’ revealed shocking statistics relating to the percentage of the population that make obvious security blunders on a daily basis. We find out what the most common security mistakes are and who the worst offenders are.

A massive 35% of people surveyed revealed that they often leave windows open when the house is empty, making an easy point of entry for home intruders. The survey also found that 30% of homeowners leave a spare key somewhere outside the property, keys can easily be found on the premises and allow burglars to enter undetected. Both these mistakes can easily be avoided, ensuring your home and your valuables stay safe while you are out of the house.

Analysing the age groups involved in the survey, it appears that the younger generation (18 to 24-year-olds) are more trusting than older generations. Only 12% of the older generation admitted to leaving their door unlocked when out of the house compared to a staggering 54% of young people. The survey also revealed the dangers of social media and home security. It was found that 22% of people shared their location on social media while out of the house, advertising burglary opportunities.

It is important to understand the entry method of thieves to be able to have the best deterrent systems. Crime reports show that the most common method of breaking into a house is through smashing a window, with 41% entering this way. However, 10% of intruders entered through a window that had been left open and 8% through an open door, showing the importance of keeping entrances locked while out of the house. With domestic burglaries reaching 650,000 in 2016, home security is becoming essential to keep your house safe.

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