Is CCTV safe enough by itself- do I need a burglar alarm?

Burglar Alarm

Is CCTV safe enough by itself- do I need a burglar alarm?

Whilst it is true that advancements in CCTV have been significant in the past decade, is it enough? Advancements in technology mean that security companies are able to install more intelligent, accurate and convenient CCTV systems, do you therefore still need a burglar alarm?

CCTV without remote monitoring is only useful retrospectively as evidence. Remotely monitored CCTV ensures a quick and effective response with 24/7 surveillance from security professionals. CCTV with remote monitoring is far more useful and should save site owners money through crime prevention (whether business or home owners).

Many people believe that burglar alarms have become a victim of the ‘boy who cries wolf scenario’, people have become immune to the noise. In actual fact when a burglar alarm is monitored they are a vital tool, allowing remote security professionals to assess the risk level and whether or not it is necessary to notify a key holder and/or the police and emergency services, as well as of course ‘raising the alarm bells’ which should also deter a thief to make a speedy exit.

Are your Valuables Valuable?

Burglars do not care what they are about to steal, their biggest concern is how easily they will get away with it. Potential thieves will take whatever they can get! An unprotected building is an easy target. Burglars do not like alarms, having a visible alarm bell box makes your house or property a less likely target.

There are countless expensive gadgets lying around the house, from our expensive smart phones to jewellery. It is the expensive, small, pocketable items that are the easiest to steal and the one that we miss the most. Burglars love small, expensive items that are easily carried away.

Offices have expensive computer systems and the vital data on them is likely be immediately be erased by the criminal, in some instances confidential data is dangerous if it gets into the wrong hands.

A factory contains expensive machinery, which if stolen costs money in lost productivity on top of the replacement costs. Commercial buildings need a fully secured security system, and monitored burglar alarms together with monitored CCTV is the best way to achieve adequate protection.


CCTV systems and intruder alarms systems can be integrated together which puts employees and owners mind at ease. An intruder alarm is designed to detect an intruder entering a building, whether in a commercial property or a residential property. Having multiple layers of protection ensures that you do not just rely on one particular system or source of information.

Thorne Access & Security is a NSI accredited intruder alarm installer based in Lancashire, offering design, installation, maintenance and monitoring of professional, certified Intruder Alarm Systems, CCTV analogue and IP, wireless CCTV, Access Control Systems and Door Intercom Systems.

All of Thornes Access & Security’s systems are installed and maintained by its team of qualified engineers. From the initial enquiry Thorne will design an Intruder Alarm System that meets your requirements, whilst maintaining all relevant British & European Standards, NSI requirements and Police regulations and requirements. Thorne install communication devices that can be transmitted up a standard BT phone line by utilising the Emizon range of communicators.  Thorne also install Emizon IP communicators.

Thorne’s monitored digital CCTV systems provide true peace of mind. They help guard against unauthorised entry and provide early warning against intrusion & visual verification of alarm activations. Utilising the latest technology to provide high quality images from high resolution analogue systems to High Definition IP systems. Thorne use equipment from a wide range of manufacturers including – HIKVision, Axis, Avigilon, Redvision & Videcon. Thorne install all CCTV systems from standalone systems, networked systems, remotely accessed systems via smartphones, tablets & PCs, Covert Systems, Multi Site Systems.

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