Intruders can burgle a home within 90 seconds


Intruders can burgle a home within 90 seconds

We all know the importance of securing our homes, not only does it ensure our valuables are protected, but it also helps keep our families safe. Intruders will take advantage of any opportunity to gain access to a property and seize as much as they can. A recent report by the Bournemouth police shows that burglars can gain access to a building, steal valuable possessions and exit the building within a 90-second time frame. The report warns of an increase in incidents where intruders enter unprotected homes, often with the occupants within the building, and quickly leave undetected.

Andrew Fitzwalter, a police community support officer in the West Moors, St Leonards and St Ives area stresses the importance of having a working burglar alarm, stating that prevention is the best method of deterring criminals. “Intruders are deterred by the sound of alarms” Andrew adds, resulting in them leaving an area as quick as possible. Thorne Access & Security designs, services and maintains a range of custom burglar alarms, all in line with NSI requirements and police regulations. Utilising the latest technology, they offer early warning software to help prevent unauthorised entry.

Reducing the chance of burglary can also be seen through the installation of a CCTV system, often regarded as the biggest deterrent for thieves. Not only does it show that a house is protected, but it can also help police officials catch intruders. “These criminals are fast, discreet and usually well aware not to leave forensic evidence, making them difficult to catch” PC Fitzwalter comments, using CCTV camera can help identify criminals when forensic evidence is unavailable.

Despite criminals being able to gain entry and ransack a property within 90 seconds, modern security systems are helping lower crime rates in residential areas. Prevention methods such as intruder alarms and CCTV cameras remain the top deterrent methods and continue to help keep your homes safe.

Thorne Access & Security is a Lancashire based bespoke security systems provider, servicing Lancashire, Manchester and West Yorkshire areas. Helping to protect your home, their team of security systems installers use the latest technology to protect your family and valuables. They also offer monitored CCTV systems which meet British & European standards and NSI requirements.

In addition, they also offer a range of intercom systems and access control products to help control public access to residential and commercial buildings. With over ten years experience, their team can help design, install, maintain and monitor bespoke security systems to a range of sectors and industries.

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